And Donate To Your Favorite Charity At The Same Time!
The banks have enough, help those who don’t. 
Give to a cause that you believe matters
Your business is funding a bank. With Sharing The Credit you could be funding a charity you love in instead.
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I had to be involved with this...

As a business owner, I have been inspired and worked with numerous charities over the years. When I first learned about this system for helping me to donate money that already came out of my business in fees, I had to get involved. - Thom G

It's just a very financially responsible feeling. 

I take credit cards because it would be foolish not to. Already they donated (in my name) over $5,000 to one of my favorite charities. It makes me feel so good. I save money all while I donate substantially. It's just a very financially responsible feeling. 
- Charlie D

Why would I use anyone else?

In business you must take credit cards. What these guys are doing is just so inspiring, why would I use anyone else? I refer to them, I have gotten to know them personally. They are the only ones who do what they do, and our community (and the world) is better for it.
- Dan P

This system has helped create funding that comes in automatically

Sharing the Credit Has Created Ongoing Support for Our Charity
The staff at our non-profit works tirelessly in our community. As there is a growing need for our services, so there is also a need for more funding.
This system has helped create funding that comes in automatically. - Ron S
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